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International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2018” on March 22-24
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 New office in Vilnius

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Right-angle precision bevel gear drives



CHT-RB and CHT-RP right-angle drives are designed for industrial applications where rotary power must be transferred between two shafts at right-angles to each other. CHT-RB and CHT-RP are available in many different sizes with 2 or 3 outputs and 1/1 - 1/2 - 1/3 transmission ratios.
Right-angle identification:
The following tables show: the shaft diameter, the transmission ratio, the input shaft, the output shafts B-C or D and the direction of rotation (looking at the shaft from the front)
Selecting the correct type of angle bevel gear is not simply a question of defining the power required in relation to
R.P.M. and the torque to be transmitted. If also involves defining the conditions under wich the angle bevel gear will
be used. Defining operating conditions involves taking into consideration a number of factor such as the type of operating
cycle (intermittent, continuous), radial and axial loads on the shaft ends, maximum and minimum temperatures, ambient
conditions (e.g. dust and dirt levels) and the type of lubricant used. To decide the type and size of angle bevel gear
required, proceed as follows.
1) Use table 2 to define the Service Factor for your application.
2) Calculate the Rated Power (Pn); Pn = Pe (Horsepower) x FS.
3) Use the output speed and the rated power (Pn) to select the angle gear size and transmission ratio required for your
4) Check that the radial and axial load at the midpoint of the exposed shaft end does not exceed the values shown in
table 1.
5) Check that the operating temperature does not exceed -20°C ÷ 80°C
6) If you require a 1/2 or 1/3 ratio, do not use a speed multiplier with an input more than 750 R.P.M.and 500 R.P.M.
in ratio 1/2 and 1/3, respectively.
7) If the unit is to be used in very dusty conditions, protect the oil seal against direct exposure to dust to prevent
abrasive damage which might shorten the working life of the unit .


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