JSC "Dagmita" participates in the International Agricultural Exhibition "What you will do ... 2018". The exhibition will take place in 2018 March 22-24 Aleksandras Stulginskis University. We invite you to come to our stand no. C38.
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International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2018” on March 22-24
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 New office in Vilnius

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Geared Motors type CHM


Gears that are supplied with mounting flanges must be assembled with motors whose shaft and flange tolerances correspond to a “normal
class” of quality in order to avoid vibration and forcing of the input bearing. Motors supplied by Chiaravalli guarantee that this requirement
is fulfilled. For ease of consultation, the correspondence of the size of the B5 and B14 motor with the sizes of the shaft and the motor
connection flange are shown in the following table.

Remember that, as the motor connection flanges are separate from the body it is also possible to have a shaft / flange combination that
does not correspond to the table, e.g. 19/140, thereby offering adaptability for other non-unified models.

N.B. From size 25 to 63 the gears are always supplied in the Universal position and can therefore be mounted in any position, from size
75 to size 130 if the position required differs from B3 it must be specified.
In particular, in the event that a gear in position B3 is to be mounted in positions V5 or V6, the bearing positioned in the upper side must
be lubricated using suitable grease that ensures proper lubrication.
We have tested Tecnolubeseal POLYMER 400/2 grease.


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