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2018 03 15
New office in Vilnius
2015 07 15

 New office in Vilnius

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Geared Motors

The worm gears made by Chiaravalli SpA are square and are considerably versatile for mounting. The machining of the components,
carried out using numeric control machines, guarantees maximum precision for the restricted tolerances, producing a product that will
remain reliable over time. The groups are constructed with aluminium casings from sizes 025 to 090, while the sizes 110 and 130 are
made from cast iron.
All of the bodies are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour to protect the parts from aging and to give better protection against microblowholes that may be present in the aluminium.The gears are supplied with at least one filling plug that is also used during testing to check for possible leaks.A connection flange allows two gears to be combined in order to obtain high gear ratios.


Torque range- 9-1826 Nm
Power-0,09-7,5 KW
Ratio – 7,5-2400