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Electric motors


CHT series motors have been produced to be mounted on gearboxes and therefore they have mechanical and electrical characteristics particularly right for this use.
All our motors are IP55, insulation class F with phase separator to be used with frequency variators, in this condition they can be provided complete with forced ventilation.
The motors like the gearboxes are painted with RAL 9022 grey colour epoxy powder.

• Elecric motors with cage rotor, closed with external surface ventilation.
• Project, construction and test in compliance with CEI2-3, international norms IEC34-1 international standards and other foreign/international standard.
• Power and sizes according to with IEC 72 standards and UNEL-MEC Italian standards.
• Insulation: class F
• Protection: class IP55
• Rated power delivered on continuous: S1
• European directive ROHS 2002/95/CE
• Phase separator
• Motors size 160 up to 355
• Volt 400/690 standard from 160 up to 355 on request for other sizes

The CHT line motors can function with a frequency of 60 Hz. with differences in performances and electrical sizes as described on the table.

The CHT line motors are made to be used on the European net system Volt 230/400 +/- 10% - Hz 50 and Volt 400/690 +/- 10% - Hz 50

This means that the same motor can function on the following stili existing nets:

• 220/380 Volt +/- 5%
• 230/400 Volt +/- 10%
• 240/415 Volt +/- 5%
• 380/660 Volt +/- 5%
• 400/600 Volt +/- 10%
• 415/720 Volt +/- 5%
corresponding to the requirements requested by the rules of numerous countries.


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