JSC "Dagmita" participates in the International Agricultural Exhibition "What you will do ... 2018". The exhibition will take place in 2018 March 22-24 Aleksandras Stulginskis University. We invite you to come to our stand no. C38.
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International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2018” on March 22-24
2018 03 15
New office in Vilnius
2015 07 15

 New office in Vilnius

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Double sided V−belts


Both-sided V-belts CONTI−V® STANDARD Multiflex Twin are used in drives that require reverse rotation and in drives where it is necessary to transmit power both inside and outside. Their symetric design enables the division of transmitted power onto both sides of the belt. These belts can transmit app 50% of the power that standard V-belts of the same cross-section usually transmit. In the 25x22 cross-section it is app 65% of the power transmitted by a CC/22 cross-section belt.

CONTI−V® STANDARD Multiflex Twin double−sided V−belts are manufactured in cross-sections AA/13 * BB/17 * CC/22 * 25x22 * DD/32.



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