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2-Part Epoxies


Permabond 2-part epoxy adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials. Available with a range of different cure speeds to suit, Permabond epoxies have been developed to offer a high standard of performance for demanding bonding applications.



2-Part Epoxies
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Permabond 2-part epoxy adhesives will bond most engineering materials. They form excellent structural bonds to a wide variety of materials including metals, composites, wood and even some plastics.

Their excellent chemical and water resistance makes them suitable for harsh environmental conditions. These epoxies are an excellent choice for high-strength structural bonding.

Epoxies are widely used in the marine, automotive, aerospace, appliance, general assembly and construction industries. Applications are diverse and include bonding handles onto tools, aerospace structures, kitchen counter tops, motor housings and mounting brackets.

Material selection
The high strength durable bonds formed with a vast array of substrates increases the designer’s ability to choose the best substrates for the application.

These 1:1 mix epoxies can be easily dispensed with a static mixing nozzle. No measuring or hand mixing is needed. Heat cure is not needed as the adhesives will cure at room temperature. For cure times faster than those stated on the chart on page 2, heat can be used to increase the speed of cure.

Joint Design
The high shear and peel strength of the bonds, coupled with the increased stress distribution of adhesives, greatly expands joint design possibilities.

● High peel strength increases design versatility
● 1:1 mix ratio of most Permabond 2- component epoxies reduces equipment costs
● Durability increases material choices
● Rapid cure increases production rates
● Room temperature cure reduces equipment & energy costs
● Solvent free improves workplace safety
● Low odour improves workplace environment


This table represents a selection of the complete range of Permabond 2-part epoxy adhesives

Grade Description Colour Mixed
mPa.s = cP
Gap Fill
Pot Life Handling
Strength (N/25mm)

Service Temp.(°C)

Permabond ET500 Very fast curing, clear, non-yellowing. Clear,
17,000 2.0 3-4 mins 4-6 mins 12-14 45-60 -40 to +80
Permabond ET505 Tough, structural multipurpose adhesive for bonding a wide variety of materials. Amber 19,000 2.0 1-2 hours 2-3 hours 10-21 60-80 -40 to +80
Permabond ET510 Rapid curing and flexible
for excellent impact and peel resistance.
Amber 21,000 2.0 10-15 mins 15-25 mins 8-12 70-90 -40 to +80
Permabond ET515 Clear and flexible, again with excellent peel and impact resistance. Slightly
20,000 2.0 10-15 mins 15-25 mins 8-12 60-80 -40 to +80
Permabond ET536 Toughened, thixotropic, excellent gap fill and flow control. Grey 290,000 5.0 30-45 mins 60-90 mins 15-24 60-80 -40 to +80
Permabond ET538 Toughened, thixotropic, excellent gap fill and flow control. Long pot life for large assemblies. Grey 195,000 5.0 2-3 hours 3-4hours 18-20 60-80 -40 to +80
Permabond ET540 Toughened, thixotropic,excellent gap fill and flow control, high temperature resistant. Amber 640,000 5.0 60-90 mins 90-120 mins 14-18 60-80 -40 to 120°C


Cure-speed varies depending on ambient temperature, the cure times quoted above were tested at 20°C. Generally a rise of 8°C will halve the cure speed (conversely a drop of 8°C will double the cure speed). For further information please contact Permabond for individual technical and safety data sheets.