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Structural acrylics adhesives


Permabond structural acrylic adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials. The rapid, room-temperature cure coupled with high strength and durability make these adhesives ideal for demanding applications where speed and ease of application of the adhesive is important.



Structural acrylics adhesives
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Permabond structural acrylic adhesives are suitable for a variety of applications:
They are ideal for structural bonding of metals, composites, plastics, glass, wood and other materials. Permabond’s structural acrylic adhesives have excellent durability. They resist tensile, peel, cleavage, and impact forces as well as resisting the stresses of differential thermal expansion found when bonding dissimilar materials.
They are formulated with resistance in mind, so are suitable for applications that involve exposure to oils, greases, moisture and weathering.
Typical applications include:
● Magnet bonding (particularly for electric motors)
● Metal & glass furniture manufacturing
● Street signs
● Rear view mirror attachment
● Structural bonding - e.g. aluminium panels
● Signs
Permabond offers several types of structural acrylic adhesives:


● No-Mix Adhesive & Initiator. Initiator is applied to one of the bonding surfaces and the adhesive to the other. Suited to bonding tight fitting parts, this system provides a long open time and a short cure time.
● Bead on Bead Part A & Part B. A bead of one part is applied directly over a bead of the other part. No mixing is required. When the two components are pressed together, enough mixing will take place to cure the adhesive.
● 2-Part. Adhesive is supplied in convenient 1:1 cartridges for use with a dispensing gun. Adhesive is dispensed directly onto the substrate material via a static mixing nozzle.
● Single Component - No mixing required. These adhesives are simple to apply and cure with or without an activator (activator can be used to reduce cure times to seconds and to cure through larger gaps).
● Extrememly high strength bonds increase design possibilities.
● Excellent durability to impact, peel, shear, and thermal expansion increases part life.
● Room temperature cure eliminates ovens and other equipment
● Rapid cure increases daily output to reduce production costs.
● Bond a wide variety of substrates to increase design freedom.
● Many non-flammable grades available.
● Technical support- application specialists available for assistance with joint design, adhesive selection and production process.
Permabond structural acrylic adhesives Comparison Chart
The information given and the recommendations made herein are based on our experience and are believed to be accurate. No guarantee as to, or responsibility for, their accuracy can be given or accepted, however, and no statement herein is to be treated as a representation or warranty. In every case we urge and recommend that purchasers, before using any product, make their own tests to determine, to their own satisfaction, its suitability for their particular purposes under their own operating conditions.
Permabond structural acrylic adhesives


Description Colour Viscosity
Gap Fill
Handling Time Working Strength (mins) Shear Strength (MPa) Service Temperature (°C)
Permabond TA430 + aktyvat.41 TA430 Very high strength bonding of metals, plastics, ceramics and wood. Fast cure on close fitting parts. Resin: Amber
Initiator: Brown
Mixed: Amber
28000-32000 0,5 <2 to 20 mins 40-60 15-25 -55 to 120
Permabond TA435 +aktyvat.41 TA435 Very high strength bonding of metals, ferrites and thermoplastics. High impack applications. Resin: Amber
Initiator: Brown
Mixed: Amber
85000-95000 0,5 <2 to 20 mins 30-60 15-25 -55 to 120
Permabond TA436 +aktyvat. 43 TA436 Very high strength bonding of metals, ferrites and hard plastics. High impack and high temperature applications. Resin: Amber
Initiator: Green
Mixed: Green
16000-18000 0,5 1-3 mins 30-60 15-25 -55 to 150
Permabond TA437 TA437 Single component. To bond ferrites and metals. For high temperature applications. Initiator 41 will accelerate cure. Orange 115000-125000 0,5 3-5 mins
30-45 seconds with Initiator 41
30-60 14-20 -55 to 200
Permabond TA439 +aktyvat. 41 TA439 Methacrylic acid free structural adhesive for magnet bonding. Ideal for sealed electric motors. High temperature resistance. Resin: Clear
Initiator: Brown
Mixed: Amber
800-1200 0,12 10-20 sec 20-40 10-12 -55 to 200
Permabond TA440 TA440 Bead to bead for rapid bonding of metal, glass, wood and rigid plastics. Resin: Amber
Initiator: Green
Mixed: Green
8000-12000 0,5 <30 sec 30-60 15-25 -55 to 120
Permabond TA4246 +aktyvat. 46 TA4246 No-mix resin and initiator for high strength bonding of metal,glass, composites and plastics. Resin: Amber
Initiator: Brown
Mixed: Amber
28000-32000 0,5 2-4 mins
15-30 33-35 -55 to 120

Permabond TA4300



2-part 1:1 rapid curing, gap filling, toughened. Ideal for structural bonding of aluminium. Part A: Off-white
Part B: Brown
Thixopaste 2 5-10 mins
15-30 20-22 -40 to 120
Permabond TA4302



2-part 1:1 very rapid cure, can be applied bean to bean, multipurpose. Part A: Pink
Part B: Green
Mixed: Grey
4000-5000 0,5 3-5 mins
15-30 22-25 -40 to 120
Permabond TA4310 TA4310 2-part 11 longer handling time that TA4300, gap filling, toughened. Ideal for structural bonding of aluminium. Part A: Off-white
Part B: Brown
Thixopaste 2 10-15 mins
25-30 24-26 -40 to 120



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