JSC "Dagmita" participates in the International Agricultural Exhibition "What you will do ... 2018". The exhibition will take place in 2018 March 22-24 Aleksandras Stulginskis University. We invite you to come to our stand no. C38.
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International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2018” on March 22-24
2018 03 15
New office in Vilnius
2015 07 15

 New office in Vilnius

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Special Purpose Oils


Molykote® special purpose oils have been designed for unique purposes or applications within industrial processes. Depending on the application, your Dow Corning representative can help select the right oil for your special requirements.


Special Purpose Oils
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 Molykote® Process Gas Oils have been specially formulated for use in chemical process gas streams consisting of < 2% oxygen and consisting of harsh corrosive gasses such as HCl, HBr or methyl chloride. These oils will not form sludge or gel in the presence of many harsh gas streams that would destroy conventional vacuum pump or compressor lubricants. A special corrosion inhibitor inhibits acidic corrosion.

 You can found Molykote oils' technical data table on the bottom of the page.















Special Purpose Oils

Grade MSDS             
ISO VG NSF Base Oil Oil Viscosity at40°C [mm2/s] Viscosity at 100°C [mm2/s] Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) Pour Point [°C] Flash Point  [°C] Fire Point[°C] Density at 15°C [g/ml] Water Separability (ASTM D1401) Corrosion, Copper Strip (ASTM D130)
Molykote L-0268 L-0268 68 H-2 MO 68 9 102 -33 216 243 0.85 40/40/0 (1)
Molykote L-1510 L-1510 100 H-2 PAO 100 14 138 -30 271 300 0.84 40/40/0 (1) 1b
Molykote L-1568 L-1568 68 H-2 PAO 68 10 140 -30 269 297 0.83 40/40/0 (1) 1b