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 New office in Vilnius

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Hydraulic and Multi-purpose


Molykote® hydraulic oils minimize formation of emulsions in contact with water due to the purity of the base fluid. They will generally perform successfully in hydraulic systems far longer than conventional hydraulic oils.


Hydraulic and Multi-purpose
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Plants can gain significant savings from reduced oil consumption, reduced disposal costs, labor savings and fewer interruptions to production. These non-toxic oils are derived from hydrotreated or synthetic base stocks and can be used in systems designed for low pour point or high flash point mineral oils.
Molykote® Multi-purpose oils provide protection and lubrication for a wide range of moving components in industrial systems. They are typically used in smaller volume applications throughout the plant. Depending on the application, your representative can help select the right oil from a range of viscosities, additive packages and pour points.

You can found Molykote oils' technical data table on the bottom of the page.













Hydraulic Oils and Multi-purpose Oils

Grade MSDS             
ISO VG NSF Base Oil Oil Viscosity at40°C [mm2/s] Viscosity at 100°C [mm2/s] Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) Pour Point [°C] Flash Point  [°C] Fire Point[°C] Density at 15°C [g/ml] Water Separability (ASTM D1401) Corrosion, Copper Strip (ASTM D130) Rust Prevention (ASTM D665 A, B)
Molykote L-1346FG L-1346FG 46 H-1 PAO/MO 45 7 131 -42 238 285 0.83 40/40/0 (1)
Molykote L-1368FG L-1368FG 68 H-1 PAO/MO 61 9 128 -42 243 296 0.84 40/40/0 (1) 1a Pass
Molykote L-0510 L-0510 100 H-1 MO 105 12 103 -15 282 282 0.87 40/40/0 (1) 1a Pass
Molykote L-0532FG L-0532FG 32 H-1 MO 31 5 103 -18 216 229 0.86 40/40/0 (1) 1a Pass