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Proximity sensors
• Proximity sensors from Festo are sensors specially adapted and optimized for use with Festo actuators. They detect the magnetic field of permanent magnets built into the piston of the cylinder, thus indirectly indicating the position of the piston rod.
• The available range covers freely configurable proximity sensors, modules, and solutions for special applications such as explosion protection, acids, food, cooling lubricants, weld field, etc.

Inductive sensors
• The sensors in the SIE… series keep a close watch on all metals. From detection through to distance measurement of metallic objects.

Position sensors
• Contactless position transmitters continuously record the movement of the piston in the position measuring range and output that information as a standardized analog current or voltage signal. .They are the ideal solution for all applications involving object detection and process monitoring such as thickness measurement, wear, Good/Bad testing etc

Pressure and vacuum sensors
• Pressure sensors and vacuum switches for controlling all pressure values: programmable or as a modular product

Flow sensors
• Diagnosis and condition monitoring processes can be simplified by monitoring flow rates. An altered flow rate is often an indicator of impending problems. In addition, the quality of finished products can also be monitored.

Optical sensors
• Thanks to optical measuring technology, the sensors in the SOE… series can handle a diverse range of tasks. From color recognition to detection of the smallest of parts , and laser distance sensors. All fully adapted to the products and services of Festo

Signal converters
• The SVE4 signal converter converts the analog output signal of a sensor into switching points, which can be directly taught on the signal converter. Perfect everywhere where the accessibility of sensors is limited.

Air gap sensors
• Valve Pneumatic sensors are contactless signal generators. They are especially suitable for end position sensing and position control where high high precision is required. Small dimensions allow them to be used in hard-to-access positions, at a wide range of ambient temperatures and in situations of heavy dirt accumulation

Connecting cables
• Smooth and harmonious fit and function: the sensor portfolio from Festo. Perfectly adapted to one another, the NEBU modular cable system links sensors and downstream analysis units – no more connection problems.

Sensor boxes
• Pneumatic, electric or inductive sensing of semi-rotary actuator end positions is possible with corresponding limit switch attachments, which are screwed directly onto the actuator.
• The sensor boxes feature sturdy construction for use in rough environments and can withstand corrosive and dusty environments. A ideal product for the entire process technology spectrum.

Electromechanical switches
• Electrical limit switches are used for signaling in end positions or intermediate positions. Depending on their connection, they can be applied as N/O contacts, N/C contacts or changeover switches

• Extensive range of accessories for every application.
  o Mounting kits
  o Sensor brackets
  o Clips
  o Position marker






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