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The GIFLEX range of flexible toothed couplings are commercial couplings for general applications, which are however manufactured to a high quality standard and offer technical and performance features that are typical of industrial couplings.The specific application sector refers to power transmissions for the flexible connection of rotating parts, with the possibility of compensating radial and angular misalignments and absorbing axial slippage.

The couplings provide the following performance in practical applications:
• Reduced overall dimensions, weight and inertia moment;
• Constant velocity behaviour at speed;
• Silent operation and the ability to absorb impacts and vibrations flexibly;
• Withstand the most common aggressive chemical agents and moderate heat, max. temp. 80°;
• Self-lubricating, electrically insulated and maintenance-free;
• Inexpensive, easily assembled and are suited to a variety of applications, also in demanding conditions.

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