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New office in Vilnius
2015 07 15

 New office in Vilnius

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2014 03 27
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Clamping belt plates

Clamping plates are used in linear technology in order to fasten the timing belts onto the housing.

INCH Pitch Clamping Plates XL L H XH :
Clamping Plates for INCH Pitch Belts. Trapezoidal Tooth XL, L, H and XH for Linear Drive Applications. All Aluminum.

Metric Pitch Clamping Plates :
Clamping Plates for Metric Pitch Timing Belts. Trapezoidal Tooth T5, T10, AT5, AT10, AT20. Round Tooth HTD MTD 5m, 8m, 14m. Curvilinear STD, RPP, Super Torque 5mm, 8mm, 14mm. All Aluminum. 




Clamping belt plates
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